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Trusted by multi-service businesses to create better customer experiences and happier staff members

With WaitWell, customers always arrive to the right place, at just the right time.


Let your customers and visitors choose how and where they want to wait.

Offer multiple ways to join the queue

Visitors receive updates on their position in line

Connect customers with the right agent at the right time

Reduce wait times by up to 35%


Manage in-person, booked, and walk-in appointments across multiple locations more efficiently

Let your customers book, modify, or cancel appointments online

Customers receive automated reminders via email or SMS, reducing no-show rates

Adjust appointment availability to reflect services you offer and hours you're open

Save staff time and increase attendance


Get full visibility into operational efficiency, staff performance, and customer satisfaction

Monitor your real-time dashboard for an instant snapshot of current operations.

Delve into the extensive collection of over 30 detailed reports for in-depth analysis

Create and track custom service goals

Make better decisions with actionable data

We were built for the busy

From architecture to features, our queue management system was specifically designed to help organizations with multi-service operations deliver 1:1 service with excellence.

Higher Education

Connect students to the right services and support.


Fill doctors’ schedules, not waiting rooms.


Reduce wait times at DMVs, police stations, and public offices.


Prioritize based on urgency and let furry friends wait comfortably at home.


Let shoppers keep shopping while they wait to be served.

Events & Hospitality

Remove lengthy lineups from the customer experience.

The software is user-friendly and easy to configure. The performance is great too! With the help of this software, our stores are able to manage lines and appointments easily and with less effort.

Annie Wu

Business Analyst


Automated communication workflows ensure customers are always prepared for service 

Our dedicated account managers help create the ideal customer workflows tailored for each service location to ensure your customers arrive at the right place, at just the right time and fully prepared for service.


WaitWell integrates with virtual meeting platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams, increasing accessibility for customers, reducing travel time and costs, and accommodating remote customers.

Streamline scheduling of virtual appointments


Communication and task sequencing are automated. Tasks are automatically assigned and completed in a predefined sequence, reducing service times.

Reduce service times by up to 20%


Customers receive updates and notifications, enabling them to engage in other activities or explore nearby areas without losing their place in line.

Let guests move freely while they wait

We needed an easy-to-use and flexible solution that could meet our unique requirements. WaitWell met all of our needs and then some. 

Matthew Carleton

Business System Analyst

Regina Police Services

Secure virtual meetings that are fully integrated with your schedule and queue.

Your customers don’t want to stand in line.

Give them the experience they want while collecting the data you need with WaitWell.

Talk to Sales

Replace your lineup with a virtual queue

WaitWell gives administrators of busy service locations at-a-glance insights into service times, wait times, ticket volumes and more.

Replace your lineup with a virtual queue

WaitWell gives administrators of busy service locations at-a-glance insights into service times, wait times, ticket volumes and more.